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31 March 2013

Website upgrade

I've danced around the edges of updating my main website (that being - which note at present appears to be 'down' seeing as the site hosting it can be unreliable at times) for over 2 years now.  Mostly because it makes my head hurt, and because I don't understand a lot of it.  But I am finally doing something about it, which includes sorting out the domain name and getting it to point in the right direction.  It's killing me!!!!  It's times like this I have to take a deep breath, and tell myself I am better behind a large lens and camera, or when playing with a Pony, and that it's not actually me being hopeless.  Which is how I'm feeling tonight...

And speaking of feeling hopeless, the win of Scandiva yesterday in the Magic Night Stakes, who hails from the Famous Family that really can do NO wrong at the moment, makes me feel frustrated that I cannot currently get my Nikon Scanner to talk to my Mac computers and scan a little negative that is still sitting in my top draw.  If anyone from Nikon is reading this, you should update your NikonScan software, to help 1000s of photographers just like me who paid good money for a v good negative scanner, only to see it sit in the cupboard because the software updates were considered unworthy of resources!

Bron and her Famous Pony

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