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25 March 2013

Catching up...

Ok, so these aren't horse racing photographs.  They are of my son Heath, who tackled mowing the lawns for the first time properly yesterday and today.  They were suddenly quite long, with all the thunderstorms, and a few rainy days, and there's a reasonable amount of grass both out the back and out the front.  We had a little issue when we couldn't get it to start again after a catcher empty out, but I ran next door, because my ace and generous neighbour Paddy has some workers over doing his concerete.  And the v nice bloke in his flouro top just said "I'm onto it" and he and Heath had it started in no time (it had flooded a little bit).  So Heath was a little tired and sweaty, but he's earned $30.00 and I was dead proud of him.  

But I couldn't help taking a few pictures of him wrestling with the mower and doing his absolute best to get it done.  I like to hope that, in addition to him being a terrific little up and coming photographer, he's going to be a great help to me over the coming years.

Heath mowing the lawn today for the first time properly.  He did the front lawn yesterday afternoon, under my brother's watchful eye.

He's a lovely little photographer too, is my boy...  He took this over 2 years ago..
Look at his wonderful image of Nelly, the Famous Pony Black Caviar, swimming at Caulfield in 2011.
Just a little flashback.  Heath and me on his first day of Kindergarten.  45 degree day, 2 dramatic low sugar episodes.  He's gradually getting there though..

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