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30 March 2013

Murphy's Law and learning the hard way

I genuinely love my new camera.  It is fabulous.  It is pin sharp and has rarely missed a beat.  Today however I learnt a new little quirk it has.  I'm getting used to it, and and this means as I go along it teaches me new things and most importantly I am learning what NOT to do next time.  It's a fate universally accepted that should something have to go wrong it will never happen at an unimportant time, or for me when photographing an unimportant race.  

What did I learn today?  1) That I need to hurry up and locate and order an XCD card reader thingy.  2) that for some reason the usual trick of connecting the XCD card to my computer via the USB cabley thing doesn't work on my new computer (no idea why!).  3) that when the XCD card is set to backup and becomes full it has the unexpected effect of making my D4s fabulously huge raw buffer run out, and run out instantly!

When did this happen???  Alas and woe, it happened for It's a Dundeel's Rosehill Guineas, leaving me muttering expletives under my breath and feeling frustrated for not second guessing this little quirk.  I still spoke nicely to my camera, and told it that it was my fault (bit like nursing my old car Dan along really, right?), but I thought it was one of life's real cruelties that the card filled up right at that time.

Live and learn, right????

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