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09 March 2013

Stupid O'Clock with the Famous Pony Black Caviar

We're not blessed with the system that American trainers, riders, horses and photographers enjoy.  Where they work their horses later in the morning.  And not in the dark!  I flew in late last night, and didn't get to bed until after 11.30pm.  And of course could hardly sleep for the few hours I was actually in bed before my alarm went off at Stupid O'Clock.  I set it for 3.05am, and was at Caulfield by 3.40am.  Who was I there to see??????  The Famous Pony of course.  The great champion Black Caviar.  In a little added bonus, Luke Nolen was onboard this morning.  It was very dark and rushed when she's out there, and I was feeling my way, but the guys were great.  And for that I thank them....


  1. The things you do for love Bronwen but it was worth it to get up at stupid o'clock. The photos are beautiful. I envy you. Being in the presence of the greatness of the mighty mare.

  2. Why do they work them at 3:30 in the morning? Is it just due to the heat of the day?

  3. Stupid o'clock... Brilliant term :) TwoOne, I believe the tradition began back in the day when trainers had a day job as well as training racehorses. They got the track work out of the way before going to work!

  4. She certainly makes any early start worthwhile. Interesting the chat around the track too. One bloke was walking a horse in circles, and all he wanted to do was talk about the thrill he got each morning from being in the presence of greatness. But Stupid o'clock it is! I think it's also governed by the hours the racetracks set. It's very different overseas. I wish we had the American or UK method, it's hard doing justice to their training when your eye can hardly make them out!