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21 March 2013

One more sleep

Tomorrow will be a big day.  It starts with the usual rush around to get the kids to school and their things organised.  But with the added pressure of me having to go straight to the airport after their drop off, to catch my plane to Melbourne, because of course tomorrow night the Famous Pony Black Caviar runs for the 24th time in the William Reid Stakes.  Will it be her Victorian farewell?  Apparently it is, although I liked the way Moody suggests that perhaps the door is not shut.  However we are all assuming it's the last time we see her on a Victorian racetrack.  I have no doubt I will be teary on the night.

I have a little trip before I get to the Valley though.  I've done this part of the highway a lot, and it's mostly been full of pleasure.  This trip will also be fun I have no doubt.  I have a new travel companion, who is fun to be around, and there are many upsides to this person, so I hope it will be a fun trip.  In the afternoon we will turn around and drive back to the Valley and all that waits there.

And while I haven't seen it yet, apparently the MVRC have out together a career tribute to the Famous Pony using my images. I'm not sure whether it is made up of images that are all mine or as part of a video with other still photography.  Either way, it demonstrates that this now extensive and unique body of imagery I have worked so hard to produce over the past 2 and a half years is on its way to becoming the defining set of images that will be used to remember this unique and wonderful champion. And for that I have to thank the Famous Pony herself, for always being the perfect subject.
This is part of the email from the Club I received this afternoon:

"Your photos look great and you will be very proud when they are on the big screen!"

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