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11 March 2013

Missing the 100th Birthday Party for Canberra

Today is Canberra Day, and it's Canberra's 100th Birthday.  We went to bed last night filled with visions of spending the afternoon today at the Canberra Day celebrations, including what you'd think would be a pretty special little fireworks display this evening on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin.  I had been thinking quietly about taking a camera along tonight and capturing the fireworks and having fun with the kids, and with my brother and his boys.  

Instead, I've been tending to a sick diabetic boy, because Heath started the day vomiting at 7.30am.  I keep telling myself it could be much worse.  It could have been yesterday when I was away.  Heath doesn't like being sick when I am not around.  And he hadn't had his insulin injection before he started being sick, which means that he's controllable and there's no danger of plummeting low blood sugars and trips to hospital.  But I'm tired of sickness, with Heath today, me last week, and Jessica the week before.

However it's not the way we thought we'd spend this special public holiday together.  At least Jessica has gone off to the Canberra Day celebrations this afternoon with my brother etc, so fingers crossed she'll have a nice time.  There's a small part of me that keeps looking at the clock and wondering optimistically if Heath will come good in time for the fireworks at 8.45pm, but it's probably a pretty forlorn hope at best. 

So instead of going with Tom and the kids this afternoon, I've fussed over Heath, and worked on photographs from Flemington and Caulfield taken on Saturday.

Black Caviar at trackwork with Luke Nolen

Shamexpress and Craig Newitt winning the Newmarket Handicap, defeating Moment of Change (Luke Nolen) by a short head.

Super Cool (outside) winning the Australian Cup from Fiveandahalfstar
At last years Fireworks display

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