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08 February 2013

Just a little bit of trivia

Today has been one of those tough days..  Not helped by it being hot.  There's been a couple of nice pluses though.  

My 7 year old daughter finally has her first proper horse riding lesson this afternoon.  She's a little horse mad girl, just like I was (ok, and continue to be).  It's in her blood.  I love that it is.  She's been on the waiting list for lessons for almost a whole agonising year.  I bought her a pair of riding boots, helmet, and jodphurs last night.  I will watch her with joy in my heart at 4pm.  And have an experiment with my new toy this afternoon and take some photographs of her as well. This will also act as a good sighting in experiment because coming up is an all important photo shoot in a week's time back in Melbourne.  What the important photoshoot I hear you ask???  Of course it is the Famous Pony, Black Caviar, returning to town again!!

Another added bonus today, thanx to another journo friend who's always recommended me when he can, I've been having a terrific little conversation with a highly respected Picture Editor today.  We have been chatting about various aspects surrounding the Famous Pony as I think one of the major papers tomorrow will be running a little something on her tomorrow using my images.  So I went into my usual habit of sharing some (I hasten to add publicly available!) information about the habits of the Famous Pony, and finished off saying it's just a little bit of trivia.  And he said he loved the trivia!  And he picked some of my very favourite shots as well, rising infinitely in my eyes as a result.

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