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16 February 2013

Famously Famous - Black Caviar wins her own Lightning Stakes

Black Caviar..  Famously famous.  Smashing the track record in the G1 Black Caviar Lightning Stakes.  It was great theatre.

I know I'm not the only one who wondered if we'd ever see this GREAT racehorse appear on a racetrack again.  Overseas travel is fraught with danger.  For all the accolades heaped upon recently retired English star Frankel, it should be remembered that the furthest this horse ever travelled was about 200km from his base.  

Black Caviar could never be accused of not running the gauntlet, or hiding from the opposition, or being a meat pie champion.  She's carried weight to win, she's travelled not only all over Australia, winning right and left handed, but she also travelled half way around the world, and won at Royal Ascot.  While injured.

So to see her back at the track was a special thing.  I've of course been lucky, and have spent a number of moments getting close to the Famous Pony, in the process recording some candid behind the scenes images that will add to her story.  But the racetrack is where it all happens, and it was wonderful to see her back.

Black Caviar won her 3rd successive G1 Lightning Stakes.  It was her 23rd victory.  She remains unbeaten.  It was her 13th Group 1 victory, emulating another great champion and favourite of mine in Sunline.  She has one to go before she equals the record of the mighty Kingston Town, my childhood idol, who won 14.  And to put the icing on the cake, she smashed the track record, set by the champion racemare Special, which had stood for 25 years.  

My children, Heath and Jessica, are still winding down after their day at the track.  They had a wonderful time.  My dad Terry took them along, and he enjoyed it greatly as well, and he was ace, and he bought them each a gorgeous Nelly plush pony, which they adore.  They are soft as silk, and come with a bridle, and a Black Caviar rug.  We fly home on an early flight tomorrow, and it's been a pretty full on weekend. It was very hot. We are all tired.  And a part of me is fighting off a sadness at a reality presented recently to me.  But it was a wonderful day.

Thank you Pony.  You have made all of our lives better....


  1. Bronwyn, I hope that whatever the reality check is that you are facing, will be manageable. Your beautiful photos of horses are bringing much pleasure to people all over, and the magic of your work in capturing the wonderful Black Caviar is pure delight. Keep your chin up & I hope your troubles are little ones.