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07 February 2013

Everything is breaking

I often wonder about the timing of things. And how everything can fall apart and break at the same time.

My laptop has fallen into the category of limping along, and protesting that it can't take the strain for much longer. One by one, things are ceasing to work.  Yesterday afternoon I burnt a disk that was wildly overdue and got it into the post just in the nick of time. When I got home I dutifully started to do the next urgent disk that a client is waiting on. And got, 3 times in a row, an error message saying "burning the disk has failed because the device failed to generate the required level of power", or something along these lines. I had an uneasy feeling I had heard these words before and checked my book. It is indeed the identical message and therefore I assume problem that caused my machine to be out of action of 3 weeks due to the laser in the burner failing.  

The solution is in theory simple, in that I go and buy one of the external Mac Burners, in another seductive white box, that I will need anyway as the upgraded mode of my laptop, when I can afford to do so, no longer has a DVD burn/reader in it. I think this is a far superior design because photographers cannot afford to be without their laptop while they repair the unit held hostage by the a laptop. And it makes the newer laptops lighter and thinner which is a good thing when travelling.  

My old laptop will be fixed under the wonderful Apple Care Protection Plan which it would be folly to be without. And hopefully make a nice computer for the kids to fight over once my new sleek one is installed. It will be a great feeling to no longer be handicapped by a staggering computer with all of its issues. But right now, like the other things that have broken recently, it just feels painful and stressful!!!

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