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15 February 2013

A personal family journey with the Famous Pony Black Caviar

My kids, Heath and Jessica, and I arrived in Melbourne this afternoon.  We've travelled a journey with the Famous Pony Black Caviar since our paths first crossed in October 2010.  I have finally arranged for Heath and Jessica to come to the track, to see the great mare race for the very first time.  There is one more sleep to go.  We are all SO excited....  They are going to the track with my Dad, Terry, and I think, just quietly, having followed my passion with Kingston Town just a little bit, he's excited as well.  See you tomorrow Pony, sleep well....

With my kids, Heath and Jessica.  It's years since they've been on a plane.  They flew with me ALL the time when they were babies, and up till the age of 2, then it got expensive and difficult and we drove.  But my kids have travelled everywhere with me while we chased the ponies.  They are SO excited about tomorrow, and were so excited to be on a plane!  We had a great trip!
Heath and Black Caviar.  13 October 2011.

Heath and Black Caviar.  13 October 2011.
Heath took this image of Black Caviar swimming in the pool on 13 October 2011.
Jessica and Black Caviar.  13 October 2011.  This image was run in the Daily Telegraph on 22 October 2011.  "I'm in the newspaper!!!!"...
Jessica and Black Caviar.  13 October 2011.

Jessica, Black Caviar and "Pinkie".  13 October 2011.

Bron and Black Caviar.  August 2011.  Photo by Marg Clarke
Bron and Black Caviar reunite at Morphetville on 28 April 2012.  Photo by Andrew Speedy.

Bron and Black Caviar on 21 December 2012.  Photo by Darren Tindale.  We have a family photograph together with the Famous Pony, taken by Darren just before New Year's Eve but I haven't finished going through them yet.

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