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26 February 2013

Bookwork, and a sick little bubby..

I'm still tackling the dreaded issue of bookwork.  Apart from being hopelessly dull and boring me stupid, bookwork has the effect of also making you recall certain moments in times.  This can be a good thing at time, but not always.  I've been working till quite late at night recently, not getting to sleep until after 1am, and last night I was woken by my poor little daughter Jessica vomiting.  She'd been complaining about a sore throat and a sore tummy yesterday and last night.  So popped her to bed checking her temperature and giving her some Nurofen.  She's always been prone to fevers, and I was always missing work at CSIRO in the old days due to her being excluded from daycare with a fever, and last night was no exception.  Then at 3am she started vomiting.  Just the once, and no sign of it in my diabetic elder son Heath, but there will be an anxious wait on him.  She's achy and painy today, and feels miserable, but touch wood no disasters.  I have a sore throat today too, so hope I'm not next.  So my bookwork is interspersed with checking temperatures, and trying to keep her comfortable and hydrated.  She's curled up on the sofa now, and trying to get some sleep.  No swimming for us this evening..

Jessica and her pinup horse, the Famous Pony Black Caviar.

Jessica working with the famous Pinkie, and the Famous Pony Black Caviar.  Good job honey...  atta girl...
Jessica with her pinup horse, the Famous Pony Black Caviar.  Photo by Darren Tindale.

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