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07 February 2013

Beach baby. The Famous Pony Black Caviar at the beach

There's no nicer way to spend a morning than watching Black Caviar in the water at the beach.  This January I was again lucky enough to capture the Famous Pony through my lens.  This time was a real bonus, because her regular strapper Donna Fisher was in the water with her for the first time when I've been around.  So that was a lot of fun..  The trip home was horrendous, because I got hopelessly lost and disorientated, and that was horrible.  But I was saved by a kind word and a cup of tea from an old photographer mate.  Pictures were pretty though..  As was the Famous Pony.

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  1. Enjoy reading your blog Bronwen. You are a fantastic photographer of all things equine. Pure magic behind the lens.