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17 June 2012

The most famous bottom in the world

I remember growing up, as an avid ABBA fan, the line that a journalist once used with Agnetha, telling her she had the most famous bottom in the world.  That honour probably shifted, in the modern era to either Kylie Minogue, when at the height of her gold hot pants fame, or Beyonce Knowles.

I think that there is one girl though who has just blown these beauties away in terms of interest in the famous female bottom.  And this girl is a Pony, or thoroughbred racehorse to be more precise.  She is known on this Blog as "The Famous Pony" (or "My Pony"!), or Nelly, Princess (to the Clarke's at Murchison) or purely and simply under her racing and registered name, which is Black Caviar.

Mark Knight cartoon.  It is absolutely and truly v clever!

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