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25 June 2012

Black Caviar is coming home

Paddock for Nelly.. The Pony has suffered 2 muscles tears, and severe bruising to her hindquarters during her Royal Ascot triumph last night. She has entered quarantine, and will arrive home in Australia in approximately 2 weeks, and then head to the paddock..  I was so proud watching her race.  And win.  She is my love..  My darling...


  1. Such a gorgeous animal,so sad she had to suffer to win in England. Terrific to see her back home and feeling better. The bodysuit seems to help her circulation but it would have been good to see her arrive back in comfy boots with thick foam inner soles which provide much better blood perfusion to her feet. Sad that her feet are in such bad condition, she was not born with bad feet, but she sure has been given bad feet due to traditional hoofcare practices. Healthy functional feet are so important for racehorses - remember the old adage, no foot, no horse.

  2. Beautiful photos of a magnificent racehorse. Interesting that someone else has noticed her dreadful feet which is the sole result of outdated destructive farrier work. Cannot imagine what this poor horse must be going through. The racing industry is notorious for its neglect of the horses' feet and the pain killing injections. Sure hope the owners bring her suffering to an end by retiring her.

  3. It's interesting that the bodysuit has an effect on her mental state. This is not new, in America they have used compression techniques to calm wild horses.
    Just shows how little we really know about the horses' true nature as a biological prey animal and their response to different types of pressure.
    Thankyou Bronwyn for sharing your amazing photographs with us.