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18 June 2012

Dear Nelly

Dear Nelly

I'm sitting here, at my new little house, home in Canberra.  I've just finished watching Australian Story.  There was lots of footage of you of course, as well as Mum and Rick out at Gilgai Farm.  I'm missing you terribly, and it's hard to be home in Canberra, instead of in England with you.  I see that Tony and Paddy are keeping the carrots up to you, and I'm pleased to see that.  I like to think I've had a little role to play in the whole "Nelly loves carrots" thing.  Sigh..

As a way of keeping myself busy, you'll probably be pleased to know that I have popped Freelance back in to work.  She's going well, and touch wood, is sound so far.  She's of course wearing her bridle, which I popped on you last August, and you looked so gorgeous in. 

Heath and Jessica are well, and we talk about you, and Ascot, all the time.  They drew some gorgeous pictures of you, with Black Caviar signs, in your colours, and of course, like me, are convinced that you can't be beaten.  Jessica wanted me to be with you, although am sure she would have struggled when the time came to fly out, Heath however keeps saying he's glad I'm not going, because he likes being here with me, and misses me when I am away.

Lots of love

Bronnie (aka the Carrot Lady)

Nelly, wearing my bridle, at Murchison, in August 2010.  The Famous Pony is a little broader through the jowl, mouth and jaw than Freelance, and needed the noseband and cavesson done up on a looser hole.
My darling Freelance wearing our bridle (with a different browband).  Freelance is (touch wood) back in work.  Freelance is narrower though the mouth and jaw than Nelly, with the noseband done up a good 2 extra holes than it sits comfortably on Nelly.
Mum, Helsinge, photographed at Gilgai Farm, Nagambie, in April 2012.

Priceless....  Helsinge, and the weanling colt by Redoute's Choice.
Priceless.. Helsinge and the Redoute's Choice colt.

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