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03 December 2010

The Sun Came Out Today, and the Dams are 100% Full!!

Ok.  Perhaps I'm going on a little bit about the rain, but seeing as there is not a seriously good horse within cooee of Canberra, and I'm in my "I'm bored stupid' carnival comedown mode, where sometimes sitting in front of a computer doing admin tasks becomes all too much, I've been out photographing the rivers and dams again today. 

And while I'm yet to get photographic proof (that's tomorrow's excursion), as I was going the wrong way to see the sign, I'm actually told that the dams are now at 100%, and that the sign on the parkway actually says so.  Anyway, the ACTEWAGL website says we are now at 100%, so it's all just pretty amazing.  

I couldn't believe the state of the ground today.  It's just saturated.  The run off is incredible, and our back yard is a damp and soggy puddle!  Yes, the shed flooded, luckily all of the horse rugs are up high and the roof has actually been leaking in several places.  Still can't get over it.  90mm in one day!!!!!!

I couldn't get down to the Cotter or to Coppins Crossing, or even to Point Hut, because all of the roads are closed, as the water is flooding the roads I believe.  

The number of people having a look at Scrivener Dam was quite incredible, and the car park resembled a busy shopping centre.  Even the Constabulary pulled in to have a look!  I was quite surprised that the water wasn't bursting out like it was a couple of days ago, apparently earlier in the day that had it fully open and it was bursting out, but this afternoon they only had a couple open.  The sight of the river is pretty impressive though.  And it seemed like all of Canberra was pulling in to have a look.  It's ineresting how much, over the course of the drought, the level of our catchments is now such a point of interest, and how we all take so much more notice than we used to.  It's a conversation point all on it's own now.

And alas and woe, the lovely Freelance had a thick creamy coloured discharge coming from her nose this morning.  Damn.  There goes riding for another 5 days!  Even my horse has a cold, poor possum.  Sigh..

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