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28 December 2010

Come back Glenn, we need you!

I haven't ever photographed the cricket, or our cricket team, apart from when they make appearances at the racetrack.  And I admit that it's a while since I followed the cricket religiously.  We used to take it very seriously, because my dad was very into the cricket, and I grew up thinking of course that Dennis Lillee, Rodney Marsh, Greg Chappell and Alan Border were the coolest things around.  Apart from Kingston Town of course!  So while I don't follow it with nearly the same enthusiasm, and have to admit that I asked 'who's that' when FoxSports mentioned a current Australian test cricketer that I'd never heard of, the cricket today is indeed depressing.  Normally we are accusing the Poms of having no ticker.  What's going wrong!  I don't understand!!!! 

Glenn McGrath at Rosehill Gardens.

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