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15 August 2015

New York, New York

I've wanted to visit New York for my entire life.  It was pretty special when that wish came true.  I bought my kids lots of presents while I was in the US, including some pretty cool "Minions" tshirts.  I have to admit to buying myself a Minion tshirt and pair of pjyamas too.  They are ace....  Minions are HUGE in the United States.

Was pretty exciting seeing the Empire State Building at night, knowing we were going there in the morning!

A cockatoo??????

Macy's - we both bought cool new shoes here and I bought some gifts as well

Times Square

There's a whole Forest Gump shop in Time's Square.  Amazing....

Empire State Building at night

Empire State Building from the ground at night

From the top of the Empire State Building.  So cool....

From our road trip to Kentucky.  My friend Pete would like this!

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