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04 July 2012

Marching on

Winter is fully upon us.  Here in Canberra, the night time temperatures have fallen to around the -5 to -6 mark for the past 2 nights, and daytime temperatures being, well, damn cold!  My daughter AND I have also been a little sick with colds.  During winter I am kept busy with incoming photograph requests, bookwork and tax returns (enough to bore me stupid!), soccer photography for the local soccer club (with the annual soccer yearbook soon to be completed, which is a big job in itself), and my new job running the Showroom, and photographing for Dunstone Design. 

The good news is that the Pony will be on the plane home soon.  It will feel nice to have her back in the country again.  Moody told me this morning that my Pony is doing ok, and that she is coming home soon.  Her lovely trainer is tired, and glad it is all over, but immensely proud of Nelly, her jockey, and his whole team.  He can rightly be very proud of what he's achieved.  It's an enormous feat.  I think Mr Cummings ought to scrub up on his one line quips, with Mr Moody doing a fine job emulating the wittiness and cleverness in his off the cuff remarks.  I loved, in particular his description of Black Caviar becoming tired during the last little bit of the Diamond Jubilee, when he came to the defence of his jockey Luke Nolen who has always cared so much for the Pony.  He said "she was probably looking for a chair to sit down on".

I have plans for future photo ideas already, and cannot wait to be reunited with my Pony again.

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