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28 February 2012

The Special Pony Necklace

It's official.  This is the terrible, awful, no good, very bad week.  I have been wearing the same Pony Necklace every single day since Caulfield Cup day 2010.  It's my good luck charm.  Apart from other things, I have linked it to my special relationship with the Very Special Pony, Black Caviar, as I have worn it on every single time I have photographed her winning.  The charm is a Flying Pony, or a Pegasus, and with the necklace, cost a whole $17.00, and the little ring attaching the charm to the necklace has just snapped in half.  Is it silliness to be trying to work out how to get another little loopy bit attached to the charm so it can be strung back onto the necklace when the whole thing only cost $17 in the first place??  After wringing my hands in despair I have attached it to my charm bracelet, and thought I can't think about this today, I will think about it tomorrow.

I really do hate this week.  So much......

If you look closely, you can see the Pony charm on my necklace.  This was taken by a friend the day that Black Caviar won her 18th race, the 2012 CF Orr Stakes.
Jessica's first day of school, February 2011.  Pony necklace.. check...

BTC Cup Day 2010.  13th win for Nelly.  Pony necklace was there..

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